Water purification unit, LMS

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
WATER PURIFICATION UNIT, mobile, LMS, 4m3/h on request 400kg 4,3m³ Add
WATER PURIFICATION UNIT, mobile, LMS, 10m3/h on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

A water purification system capable of producing safe drinking water from a biologically contaminated fresh-water source: lakes, streams, ponds and wells.

Performance 4 to 10m³/h, depending on raw water quality and the type of purification unit.

Two chlorine dosers, placed on the outlet piping (after filtration), can be used for post-chlorination. One dose should be placed on the main stream for low quantities of  water and the other in the by-pass stream for full water flow. This permits a continuous and adjustable injection of a predetermined amount of slow-dissolving chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) in the water.

The desired chlorine concentration is obtained by adjusting the inlet gate using the external knob.

Self-contained, modular construction means that the unit can be easily moved by hand. A trailer option is also available for field transport. The unit sets up quickly: 30 minutes or less. It can be loaded into a Land Cruiser PU or SW.

Its transport flexibility and quick set-up makes it ideal for meeting the water production needs of populations that are on the move.

ICRC standard model: units are available from stock for acute emergency situations. Afterwards, they are reconditioned and returned to stock.

Different set-up options:

a) Trailer-mounted purification unit: 

  • Totally galvanized, extremely robust; on-and-off road use (fields, tracks, sand, etc.).
  • One axle, load limit of 1600kg (total weight with load).
  • One coupling with a height-adjustable shaft, a hook for a ball or ring towing hitch; each trailer is delivered with both systems.

b) Skid-mounted purification unit:

  • The option "on skid" ensures the water disinfecting unit is completely autonomous; it can be transported on a lorry platform.


Diesel engine: 315cm³, 5kw, 6.8hp, RPM 3600.

4-stroke diesel motor, single cylinder, air-cooled.

Easy-start cord pull; cord with automatic rewind with incorporated decompression device.

Self-priming pump.

Dry air filter with incorporated "cyclone" filter.

Fuel filter (diesel).

Oil filter, built into the oil sump tap.

Fuel tank of 4.9 litres, provides 10 to 12 hours of operating time.

Operation time indicator.

Instruction and service manuals, spare parts, toolkit.

Comprised of:

1 motor-pump set (detachable) diesel motor and self-priming pump

1 primary filter.

2 secondary filters: 25 and 5 microns with filter-sleeve refills.

2 chlorine dosers and chlorine refills.

1 flocculation kit and flocculent refills.

1 turbidity reduction kit.

Pipes and tools for operating and maintenance.