Water purification unit, Berkefeld

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
WATER PURIFICATION UNIT, mobile, Berkefield TWA6 on request 0kg 0 Add
WATER PURIFICATION UNIT, mobile, Berkefield TWA10 on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

A basic drinking water purifier unit, operates on the precoat filtration principle:

  • Uses pre-chlorination.
  • Flocculation and coagulation with ferric chloride.
  • Adsorption with powdered activated carbon.
  • Filtration using candle filters. Replaceable candle filters come pre-treated with diatomite and activated carbon.


  • TWA 6: Flow rate of 5.4m³/h at 75NTU
  • TWA 10: Flow rate of 10m³/h at … NTU

Unit cannot desalinate brackish or sea water.

Can reduce maximum turbidity from 500NTU to 5NTU.

Disinfection meets WHO-recommended levels.

It is included in the standard International Federation Water and Sanitation ERU (e.g., Austrian and German Red Cross Societies). Not an ICRC standard.

This technology will be phased out for international deployment by 2010.


Drinking Water Purifier Sterling-Berkefeld, Germany

TWA6 or TWA10

Supplied, on request, with a set of consumables covering 90 days.

Composed of:

Raw water suction (with suction filter) and delivery hoses.

Water manifold with valves and connecting hoses.

Filtered-water connecting hoses.

Storage tanks: 4 for raw water and 2 for treated water.

Filtered water / precoating pump suction induction manifold with valves

2 candle-filter pressure housings with backwash valve.

Chlorine dosing unit.

5-tap distribution stand.

Mixing buckets.

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TWA 6:                       Pre-treatment tanks: 8m3 with floating suction.

                       Requires 1 Raw Water Feed Pump set

TWA 10:                       Pre-treatment tanks: 12m3 with floating suction.

                       Requires 3 Raw Water Feed Pump sets