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last updated : 2018/12/31
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General information

The Potakit water-quality tester pack is comprised of an incubator and testing equipment to perform: faecal coliform bacteria counts, residual free and total chlorine tests, pH tests, turbidity tests, and electrical conductivity and temperature tests.

The Potakit is designed to test both the microbiological and physicochemical parameters of drinking water.

An intermediate level test kit, it enables the end-user to test for a full range of water quality parameters. The kit is self-contained and portable, and conforms to WHO guidelines on water-quality monitoring.

  • The kit comes supplied with reagents and consumables to carry out 200 microbiological tests and 200 tests for each of the following: ammonia, arsenic, chlorine (DPD1 and 3), fluoride, nitrites and nitrates.
  • Consumable replacement sets can be ordered separately. Refer to options.

Incubator: Dual-temperature of setting 37°C and 44°C; powered by an external 12V supply, capacity: can accommodate 20 x 47mm aluminium Petri dishes simultaneously.

Faecal coliform count

  • A single incubator, with a capacity to handle 20 Petri dishes, dual temperature setting of 37 and 44ºC allows for incubation of either a faecal or total coliform test.
  • The portable incubator is powered via an external rechargeable battery, mains power system, AC or DC operation via the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket or solar power.

Turbidity test

  • Two-part turbidity tube.

Chlorine, pH tests and conductivity:

  • Waterproof, digital pocket meters to test for pH and conductivity.

Chemical parameters

  • Colour comparator for testing over 30 different chemical parameters. The kit also includes a VCDK arsenic testing device for the visual, quantitative analysis of arsenic, to ppb levels.

Supplied complete with an operational manual, water-quality report sheets and a water training procedures manual. It comes housed in a rugged, lockable aluminium case and includes a handy a rucksack for carrying consumables and reagents in the field, a wagsac.


Dimensions: 410 x 240 x 335mm