Kit water lab test, Delagua

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, WATER LAB TEST, bacter., + acc., Delagua Single incu. CH 2,007.12 10kg 0,014m³ Add
Dangerous : NRA No Restrict,Spec.Provision A67

General information

The Delagua water-quality tester pack is comprised of an incubator and testing equipment to perform: faecal coliform bacteria counts, residual free and total chlorine tests, pH tests, turbidity tests, and electrical conductivity and temperature tests.

The kit comes with a set of consumables to perform 200 tests.

Consumable replacement sets can be ordered separately. Refer to options.

The battery included in the Delagua kit should be charged every 2 weeks during storage; a charger is included in the kit.

Incubator: Temperature 44°C, powered by a 12V internal battery (charger supplied), capacity: can accommodate 16 x 47mm aluminium Petri dish simultaneously.


Faecal coliform count:

  • The kit includes a portable battery-powered incubator capable of powering five incubation cycles without being connected to a source of power: mains electrical system, generator or vehicle power. The faecal coliform counts can be obtained within 14 to 18 hours of sampling, and provides a reliable indication of any sanitary risks without the need to transport samples to a laboratory.

Turbidity test:

  • The turbidity tube measures the amount of suspended matter in a water supply; suspended material may consume chlorine disinfectants; treatment is required prior to disinfection.

Chlorine and pH tests:

  • Using simple pool-testing equipment, emergency water supplies dosed with chlorine disinfectant can be tested for total and residual chlorine levels as well as for pH.
  • These tests enable rapid assessment of chlorine levels and aid the efficient control of dosing; thereby avoiding waste while ensuring that enough chlorine is present to safeguard the supply.


  • A conductivity meter is provided as an optional component in the kit. Conductivity provides an indication of contamination; e.g., saline intrusion, sewage pollution. Upon request, additional equipment required to test for chemicals of local concern can be included in the kit.


Additional equipment needed to start testing:

  • Pressure cooker, portable sterilizer or access to an autoclave; e.g. in a hospital.
  • Methanol (approx. 1ml per test), must be obtained locally as shipment is IATA regulated.
  • Distilled water.
  • A 1-litre-measuring cylinder or beaker.


Delagua Testing Kit includes:

  • A 44°C incubator
  • Battery charger
  • Temperature check kit
  • Consumables for 200 tests

Dimensions: 370 x 140 x 260mm

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