Faecal sludge Field Laboratory

last updated : 2020/12/01
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General information

The Faecal Sludge Field Laboratory is a modular kit which can supply laboratory facilities for an emergency wastewater treatment facility

The kit is designed to be deployed to remote locations, where reliable laboratory test results on faecal sludge are not locally available.

The full set of modules include all the hardware and chemical consumables required to create a self-supporting FSFL remote lab.

Training courses for laboratory technicians to staff the FSFL can be arranged through the Austrian Red Cross Society.




Module 1: Public Health

Testing: Bacteriology, Helminth presence                                             

Kit includes: Centrifuge, microscope, syringe, funnel, beakers, stir-station, Mini-FLOTAC sets, camera, incubator, bacteriological tests plates and equipment and Bunsen burner.


Module 2: Process Control

Testing: Temperature, pH, COD, Biogas potential, soil moisture, sludge volume, heavy metals.

Kit includes: Beakers, bottles, sampling bags, measuring cylinders, crucibles, clamps, burettes, Bunsen burner, autoclave, tripod, photometer, cell tests, laptop computer, Imhoff cones, test strips and titration set.


Module 3: PPE equipment                        

Kit includes: Gloves, masks, workwear, boots, lab coats and fire extinguisher.


Module 4: Laboratory support                                  

Kit includes: Telescopic sampling pole, cool box, jug, water filter, Gas stove, forceps, scale, cleaning equipment and stationery.


Module 5: Power support.                                 

Kit includes: Uninterruptible power supply with battery charger, solar panel and wind turbine.


Optional Specification

  • Tent, Folding furniture
  • Water treatment kit (small.)