Sanitary pad, disposable

last updated : 2020/02/22
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
HYGIENIC PADS, normal CH 0.40 0kg 0 Add
HYGIENIC PADS, super on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

Check with the WASH / Hygiene Promotion team for further advice.


SANITARY PADS , disposable, normal, in packages of 10 or 20

The supplier to certify that the sanitary pads do not contain any dangerous substances, are fit for use by women and are accepted by the sanitary inspection at final destination.


General quality

The quality must be homogeneous and no foreign matter shall be found over the whole batch

The sanitary pad when visually examined must be free from any defects which can affect either its appearance or utility: stains, dirt, soil particles or hard lumps are not allowed

Difference in colour and size or smell among different samples are not allowed

Skin irritation

The pad must not contain any dangerous substances

The use of the pads shall cause no skin irritation


220 - 250 mm

Width without wings

100 mm +/- 10 mm

Width with wings

155 mm ± 10 mm


3 mm +/- 1 mm


Minimum 40 gr/normal pad, no leakage


5.5 – 8.5


The sanitary pad will have no unpleasant odour, either in dry state immediately after sampling from the package, or after wetting the sample with distilled water

Top sheet (Covering)

The absorbent filler covering must be made of good quality fabric with sufficient porosity to permit the assembled pad to meet the absorbency requirements

Back sheet

The back sheet must be water resistant (no wetting of outer surface and no water penetration)




  • Bacterial number
  • Mould and yeast
  • Candida albicans
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Pathogenic bacteria


  • Maximun 1000 CFU/gr of sanitary pad
  • Nil
  • Nil
  • Nil
  • Nil
  • Nil
  • Nil


Certificate of analysis

Certificate to be provided, showing compliance with the specified physical, chemical and microbiological requirements, including a laboratory report of the same purchased batch, as well as a conformity certificate to local regulations

Fit for human use certificate

Certificate to be provided, showing product is fit for human use, demonstrating no skin irritation, as well as no recycled or skin harmful materials being used in the manufacturing process

Shelf life

3 years from date of production

Upon delivery, shelf life should be minimum 80% of total shelf life

No changes in product colour, odour, functionality or other deteriorations are allowed during storage under normal conditions up to the end of the declared shelf life

Net weight

10.8 gr +/- 5%




Primary packaging

Each pad shall be individually packed in a sealed plastic bag to protect the item from moisture and contamination during storage and transportation

Secondary packaging

Each 10 or 20 pads (depending on package size requested) must be packed in a sealed plastic bag

The bag and its’ sealing must warrant no holes or tears will occur during the handling/transportation of the contained items

Marking on secondary packaging

Clear and durable marking containing: product name, “manufactured by:”, name and address of manufacturer, country of origin, production date and batch number, expiry date, net volume, instructions for use, safety/cautionary information, table of contents mentioning the concentration of active material, risk awareness phrases, safety awareness phrases and warning sign(s), storage recommendations and disposal instructions

Or as per approved marking in the Purchase Contract

Tertiary packaging

Good quality export cardboard box, minimum 3 ply and minimum 450 gsm. Closed with strong long-lasting tape (min 45 mm), or glued flaps

Box size to be tightly adjusted to the content

Marking as specified in the Purchase Contract

The box shall be strong enough to withstand multiple handlings and stacking, up to the final destination

To protect the contained products from damage and direct sunlight, the box shall have no holes, no tears and not be deformed


Pallets of n boxes, shrink-wrapped with plastic film

Pallet type and size as mentioned in Purchase Contract

Supplier to indicate the pallet boxing pattern and total number of boxes per pallet as part of the Purchase Contract


Latest update: 16/02/2020


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