Bodysuit, for baby

last updated : 2020/08/26
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BABY BODYSUIT, All-in-one, Unisex 100% cotton, 6-9 months CH 2.81 0.5kg 0,5L Add

General information

Baby bodysuit, all in one, unisex, 100% cotton, or as specified in the Purchase Contact.

Intended for distribution.


General quality

Neat and clean, well finished appearance

Free from any imperfections and/or defects

No damage, no holes no tears or missed fibers

Homogenous quality


Homogenous color, as specified in Purchase Contract

Color fastness

Color must be well fixed, and not be easy to remove by washing or rubbing


100% cotton, or as specified in Purchase Order


Neutral design only

No religious design or signs are allowed

Full length (+/- 5%)

49 cm

Length shoulder to crotch (+/- 5%)

33 cm

Width bust (+/- 5%)

25 cm

Sleeve opening width (+/- 5%)

5 cm

Neck opening width (+/- 5%)

9 cm

Neck opening depth (+/- 5%)

7 cm

Sleeve length (+/- 5%)

22 cm

Sleeve width (+/- 5%)

12 cm

Weight (+/- 5%)




No zipper allowed


Continuous stitching or sewing

No broken sewing

No missed fibers

Sewing type


3 lines

Organoleptic test

Comfortable touch

No bad smell

Volatile material

There should be no organic volatile material

Skin irritation

Must not cause skin irritations, nor any other harm


Quality must withstand minimum 10 washing cycles at 40°C minimum water temperature without affecting the shape or the integrity of the product, nor loss of fabric quality


A label should be sewn to the inside of the item and include the following information:

- Material/Composition

- Washing directions

- Size

- Country of origin

Certificate of analysis

A certificate showing compliance with the specified chemical composition is required

Fit for human use

A certificate is required showing the product is fit for human use (no skin irritation, no recycled nor skin harmful materials included / used)





Primary packaging

Packaging shall be a strong polyethylene transparent plastic bag

No holes, no tears

One piece per plastic bag, or as specified in the Purchase Order

Marking on primary packaging

Marking  expected :  Item name / Trade mark, Manufacturer name, Quantity per Pack, Country of origin, Item Size

Marking should be clear and well fixed and not easily gone or erased

Secondary packaging material

Strong carton of a good export quality, minimum 5 ply (layers) and 500 gsm, assembled with metal staples and/or firmly sealed with large 50 mm minimum adhesive tape

Carton dimensions to fit the content, no empty spaces are to be left

No holes, no tears

Marking on secondary packaging

Marking  expected :  Item name / Trade mark, Manufacturer name, product size, Color, P.O number, Country of origin, Gross weight

Marking should be clear and well fixed and not easily gone or erased


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