Hand pump, Afridev

last updated : 2020/03/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
HANDPUMP, submersible, raw water, Afridev, 4" on request 144kg 0,4m³ Add


General information

Lever-operated lift pump for use in boreholes up to 45 metres deep, with a 4″ diameter and 63mm cylinder.

Borehole diameter: minimum 100mm, maximum 150mm. Some manufacturers quote a minimum borehole ID of 110mm.

Meets VLOM (village level operated maintenance) requirements.

Pump performance with 63mm cylinder (based on 50-full-strokes/minute):

  • At 30m: capacity 0.4125 litres/stroke, output 1240 litres/hour.

Manual installation possible, special lifting gear may be required for depths of over 30m.

PVC riser may have to be sourced locally (shipping information below excludes riser), composition list includes riser.

Stainless steel pump rods recommended for water with a pH>6.5 or an iron content >1ppm.


Pump cylinder assembly: extruded brass liner inside uPVC pipe jacket

Plunger: fitted, nitrile rubber, U-seal

Injection-moulded suction and discharge valves

Large-diameter suction tube, reduces sand intake into the cylinder

Drive head: galvanized, fabricated mild steel head

Adjustable handle and lever length, to accommodate different installation depths

Open-top cylinder design permits the extraction of plunger and foot valve in situ

Replaceable plastic bush bearings (4 per unit)

Pump head cover, to keep contaminants out of the well

Separate assemblies for pump cylinder and drive head


Packaging: 5 units in 3 parcels

Weight: 300kg, 270kg and 150kg; total 720kg                       

Dimensions: 1.18x0.96x1.1m; 1.38x0.79x0.54m; 3.25x0.25x0.24m

Total volume: 2.03m³


Composed of:

HAND PUMP, submersible, raw water, Afridev, 4"

63mm Ø x 4.7mm wall, a uPVC riser main, in 2.9m sections with centralizers

10mm Ø x 3m mild steel, galvanized pump rods, forged hook and eye connectors with rubber rod centralizers.

Installation and maintenance toolkit, including fishing tool, nylon rope, solvent cement, open-ended and socket spanners

1-year spare parts kit, including centralizers, bush bearings, valve bobbins and seals

General: complete set of operator manuals, English

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Concrete pedestal-version

Stainless steel pump rods