Space heater

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SPACE HEATER, diesel burner 65000kcal, 220V, separate exhau. CH 80,00 125kg 1,1m³ Add

General information

Heavy duty, large space heater for warehouses, hospitals, large buildings, large tents, etc…

Uses diesel to produce heat, and electric power 400W/220V for the fan and the diesel pump.

This type has the exhaust fumes separated from the hot air.  This is mandatory when heating living spaces (some types have exhaust fumes mixed with hot air).

  • The heater can be placed outside the building to blow the hot air inside through a duct pipe.
  • It can be placed inside to re-heat the same air, in which case the exhaust fumes must be directed outside with an exhaust pipe.

One unit can heat a volume of 800 to 1300 m³ depending on the insulation quality, and on the external temperature. (With good insulation calculation is volume to heat in m³ x 50 = number of Kcal needed, with poor insulation it is volume to heat in m³ x 80 = number of Kcal needed).

Consumption of diesel is 7.7L/hour at full power. Tank contains 80L.


Steel body, epoxy coated.

Exhaust in stainless steel, separate from hot air.

Mounted on wheels, plain rubber tyres, 20cm minimum diametre.

Fuel tank in the supporting frame, of minimum 80L.

Fan, 220V/370W.

Air outlet designed to receive air ducts

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