Shrink-wrap film for pallet

last updated : 2020/09/29
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
PLASTIC STRETCH SPENDER 50-76cm for wrapping CH 150.00 1.9kg 0,03m³ Add
Plastic stretch for palets White 0.5x260m CH 16.00 2.1kg 5L Add
PLASTIC STRETCH for palets, black roll of 0.5x300m CH 16.00 2.1kg 5L Add
PALLET FILM, transparent, stretching, 20 microns, 0.5x300m CH 16.00 2.1kg 5L Add

General information

Plastic film to wrap a loaded pallet. Gives stability and resistance when stacking and handling.

Film can be translucent, or opaque if the intention is to disguise the type of goods.

The hand-type dispenser is usually sufficient in most cases. In big warehouses with many pallets and several forklifts, an automatic film dispenser is preferable.

Film can be of very different quality. It is recommended to test before purchasing.

Local purchase is recommended.