Tyres, trucks

last updated : 2021/03/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
TYRE, 395/80 R 20 XZL CH 1,048.11 105kg 0,6m³ Add
TYRE, 9 R 22.5 XT4 TL 133 L CH 319.62 105kg 0,6m³ Add
TYRE, 9 R 22.5 XZY TL 133 K CH 319.62 105kg 0,6m³ Add
TYRE, 11 R 22.5 XZE-2+ TL 148 L CH 356.27 105kg 0,6m³ Add
TYRE, 295/80 R 22.5 XDY + (698845) CH 552.18 105kg 0,6m³ Add

General information

Tyres for trucks 3.5 tonnes and above, including buses. Good quality tyres for normal and rainy driving conditions on tarmac roads; they are also suitable for driving on dry tracks.

Available in all sizes: 20″, 22.5″ and 24″. Other sizes are available; refer to HQ for technical support.

Special all-terrain tyres are recommended for all-terrain trucks. In mud, chains can also be useful.

Reconditioned tyres can be used on the driving axle or trailer, but not on the front wheels. Always use radial tyres. Good tyres should be considered a standard safety measure.

Truck tyres can be re-grooved; grooving must be done by a specialist.

The above described tyres are the most widely-used on standard Movement trucks, and is recommended by the technical services.