Tyres, 4x4 vehicles, all terrain

last updated : 2021/03/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
TYRE, 235/ 70 16 MICHELIN 4X4 ALPIN (137779) CH 183.75 23kg 0,150m³ Add
TYRE, 235/85 R 16 BF ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 (820321) CH 136.39 23kg 0,150m³ Add
TYRE 7.50 R 16 TL MICHELIN LATITUDE CROSS CH 138.55 23kg 0,150m³ Add
TYRE, 235/85 R 16 BF MUD TERRAIN KM3 CH 143.68 23kg 0,150m³ Add

General information


All-terrain tyres for heavyweight 4x4 vehicles (Land Cruiser or similar).


The tyre type should be adapted to local driving conditions:

- Mud: XZL

- Rock: XZL

- Mixed, tarmac and dry tracks: XPC

- Snow: XPC

- Sand: XPC or XS


Available in sizes R16 or R17. Other types are also available; refer to HQ for technical support.


Always use radial tyres. Do not use reconditioned tyres or tyres of doubtful quality. Tyre should be considered as part of a vehicle’s standard safety equipment.


Check and adjust the pressure regularly, according to the manufacturer’s safety recommendations, to avoid fast wearing on the tyres.


Tyres should be used on ring rims with flaps and tubes.


The above described types are the most widely-used on standard Movement vehicles, and is recommended by the technical services.


Do not store tyres close to oils or fuels.