Universal grease

last updated : 2021/03/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CASTROL SPHEEROL EPL 2 30X400G CH 90.83 0kg 0 Add
CASTROL SPHEEROL EPL 2 18 KG CH 111.51 0kg 0 Add
GREASE, CASTROL SPHEEROL EPL 2 180kg CH 754.11 194kg 0,324m³ Add
CASTROL Moly Grease, Drum 50 KG CH 314.48 60kg 0,1m³ Add

General information

General purpose grease, used to lubricate mechanical systems: locks, hinges, etc.

For drive shafts and steering knuckle joints, BP Energrease LM21, or its equivalent, is recommended.

For roller bearings, lithium grease is recommended.

For exhaust systems, high-temperature grease (copper, graphite, etc.) is recommended.

Never mix greases as the mixture can cause severe damage. When in doubt, remove all of the old grease and replace with the new grease.

Do not store grease with fuels and tyres as a fire safety measure, and to avoid damaging the tyres.


Grease for lubrication: free from water, dust or other contaminants; in new containers sealed at the refinery in compliance with international petroleum-product regulations and standards.