Transmission oil

last updated : 2021/03/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CASTROL AXLE EPX 85W-140, 208 L DRUM CH 724.30 194kg 0,324m³ Add

General information

Oil for gear boxes, transfer boxes, axles, axle reductors: all types of vehicles.

A synthetic or semi-synthetic oil for transmissions. Viscosity SAE85W140 or 80W90 GL4/5; for all vehicle types. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Never used in automatic transmission gearboxes. Some vehicles with manual gearboxes also requires a special oil; refer to manufacturer’s specifications.

This transmission oil should not to be use in a limited slip differential; it requires a special oil (i.e., LIMSLIP90 described above)

Do not store oils with fuels and/or tyres as a fire safety measure, and to avoid damage to the tyres.


Transmission oil: semi-synthetic; SAE90W140 GLS; free from water, dust or other contaminants; in new container sealed at the refinery in compliance with international petroleum product regulations and standards.