last updated : 2021/03/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
PETROL FUEL, per liter on request 0.79kg 1,6L Add

General information

Fuel for petrol engines: cars, motorbikes, generators, motor pumps, outboard engines, etc.

Petrol can be premium, regular or unleaded. Never use regular or premium if the vehicle is designed for unleaded (the catalytic exhaust would be immediately damaged). Unleaded petrol can be used in old engines with the appropriate additives.

Do not store petrol next to residential areas or places of work. The stored fuels must be protected from the sun, be well ventilated, and the area kept free of flammable materials. An extinguisher and sand must be positioned in close proximity.

 Prior to pumping petrol from a drum, it should be allowed to settled for 3 days to allow for sedimentation. The pump should always pump 20cm from the bottom of the barrel, at a minimum; the remaining fuel should be transferred to clear plastic jerri cans and carefully checked for water or dust contaminants prior to use. Water will stop, but not damage a carburettor engine. It will, however, damage the injection components in an injection engine.

When receiving drums, use a fuel water-detection paste (code TVECFUELWDTC) if there is any doubt about the quality.

 For large quantities, the storage of fuel in an underground tank is recommended (an overflow retention tank is mandatory).

 Do not store fuels with oils and/or tyres as a fire safety measure.


Petrol fuel: free from water, dust or other contaminants; in new drums sealed at the refinery, or in bulk in compliance with international fuel regulations and standards.