Battery analyser

last updated : 2019/02/06
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BATTERY ANALYSER, WMR CBA IV, computerized CH 196.00 0kg 0 Add


General information

Computerized ‘dump load’ to discharge batteries in controlled manner while metering voltage and Ampere-hours.

Use a PC to accurately test your battery

Easier to use software helps to determine batteries parameters such as actual AMP hours

Works with any battery type such as Lead Acid, Lithium-Ion or Alkaline

Overlay multiple test results to compare battery performance over lifetime

Generate labels for battery testing information, such as measured capacity

Ability to test power supplies with a constant load or characterize solar panels over various loads

Power supply testing

Solar panel testing.

Purchase via HQ recommended (compulsory for ICRC)

Additional information: