Warehouse tent, PVC, 240 m2

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
TENT, WAREHOUSE, 10x24x3.35m, steel frame CH 16,128.00 2660kg 5m³ Add

General information

Standard tent for emergency storage offering maximum 600m³ net for bulk storage, or 240m² gross ground surface for palletised storage, or 500MT of grain in bags.

Ridge height is approximately 6m. Door size is approximately 4m x 4m.

Cover made of PVC coated polyester, self extinguishing, fully waterproof, and rot-proof. UV resistance of minimum 6 years in the strongest sun exposure condition (up to 20 years in northern countries). Ropes will have to be replaced after some years in the sun.

Only one type of these tents is designed to allow easy set up under uneven ground conditions: The cover is placed over the structure and cover parts are attached to each other with rope lacing; this system allows lot of flexibility.

All the other types of these tents are useable only on hard plane surface: The cover is made of several parts sliding into the structure elements.

Setting up requires 12 persons, including one technician, and takes 2 days (instructions booklet included).

Use all ground fixings to ensure the maximum wind resistance, in soft soil give special attention to the ground attachment (i.e. use 200L drums filled with concrete to attach guy ropes).

Several heights are available. Length is extendable with modules of i.e. 6m.

The full specification for this tent is not given here. Selection of manufacturers is to be handled by purchasers with support from HQ technical departments.


Width x length: approximately10m x 24m

Height: approximately from 3m on side to 6m at ridge

Materials: steel structure and UV proof PVC coated canvas cover