Hospital tent, PVC, 88 m2

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
TENT, HOSPITAL, Rubbhall 5.5x16m, steel frame on request 850kg 1,7m³ Add

General information

One of the alternative tents for emergency field hospital. This model offers 88m² ground surface.

Cover made of PVC coated polyester, self extinguishing, fully waterproof, and rot-proof. UV resistance minimum of 6 years in the strongest sun condition (up to 20 years in northern countries). Ropes will have to be replaced after some years in the sun.

Under certain conditions, PVC cover may cause high condensation inside the tent; this can be minimised with an inner roof liner.

This type of tent is designed to allow easy set up on rough ground. Setting up requires 8 persons, including one technician, and takes &fraq12; day (instruction booklet included).

Use all ground fixings to ensure the maximum wind resistance, in soft soil give a special attention to the ground attachment (i.e. use drums filled up with concrete to attach guy ropes).

The full specification for this tent is not given here. Selection of manufacturers is to be handled by HQ technical departments. Very few types are so far approved to our requirements.

The most current and recommended types are included below.


Giertsen RubbHall, model THPA, 5.5m x 2m x 16m, steel frame.


O.B.Wiik, Model WiikHall Basic4 , steel frame.