Voltage stabiliser, 500VA, 230V

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
VOLTAGE STABILIZER, 500VA, 230V, electronic ctrl, one phase CH 82.70 3.77kg 7,21L Add


General information

Voltage stabilizer for 500VA, single phase. Suitable for domestic and office use. Protects sensitive electronic office equipment, computers, TV and video, electronic medical and laboratory equipment, etc.

Fitted with Schuko (German) cable and Schuko-plug on the back.

Currently the Sollatek AVR02-22 model

Purchase via HQ recommended (compulsory for ICRC)



Microprocessor controlled voltage variation detection

High speed response: 15 milliseconds

Corrects AC input change from -30% to + 22%

Stabilises output to ensure 230 VAC +/-4%

LED display – shows Input voltage level, output voltage level, Load current and overload

Overload protection: will automatically switch the unit off if the current exceeds the allowed rating




Approx. 5 kg

Installation tools

None required