Generator, petrol, 220V, 0.7VA, portable

last updated : 2019/03/20

General information

Small noiseless generator, easily portable, for mobile operation.

Very light and very silent, this generator is adapted to all situations where minimal power and easy moving is required.

Same generator is available for 120V/60Hz, under the model code EX700C.

Can power up to 550W lighting device. Can power a very small photocopier, a fax, a computer, a fridge, one by one, not all at the same time.

This generator can last up to 1000 hours if well maintained. It’s a 4-stroke engine, with an oil level shut-off system.

See technical advises for generator set up and pumping set up in chapter "W" technical pages.


4 stroke engine, single cylinder OHV, 50cc, carburettor, 1.32kW/6000rpm, air cooled, electronic ignition. Mechanical governor. Automatic idle. Recoil starter. Spark arrestor muffler. Fuel consumption from 0.4 to 0.55 L/hour, depending on the load

Alternator 50Hz, self-excited, cycloconverter technology. Tropicalised insulation to International Class B. AC output 220V/550W at 6000rpm. DC output 12V/72W, simultaneous AC/DC use. Electronic circuit breaker AC and DC.

Control panel fitted onto the set. Automatic shutdown on low oil level. Battery charging terminals. Receptacle with 1 x 220V, Euro type. Complete set of operator manuals in English and French. Fuel gauge, fuel tank capacity 2.3L

Optional coupling cable for running 2 generators in parallel.


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