Switch, changeover

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SWITCH, CHANGE OVER, "Main/Off/Generator", 25A, 4 lines CH 81.50 0.1kg 1L Add
SWITCH, CHANGE OVER, "Main/Off/Generator", 64A, 4 lines CH 551.30 0.3kg 1L Add

General information

Allows changing the power source from the main to an internal source like a generator, and vice versa, without risk of short circuits and other wrong manipulation.

Recommended for all installation with double energy source.

A single-phase type must connect 2 lines (live and neutral).

A three-phase type must connect 4 lines (3 phases and neutral)

Choose the right dimension according to the maximum capacity of your power source.

To be installed in an existing control panel, or in a box to be ordered separately.


Switch, change over, "Main/Off/Generator", 2 or 4 lines, maximum Amp as per request, in metal box or with control panel fittings.