Cigarette lighter plug

last updated : 2020/04/15
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CABLE, DC, cig. lighter x 2, USB x 2 - cig. lighter plug CH 55.60 0kg 0 Add


General information

Multi-socket for 12 or 24V DC power cable

Provides 2 x 12V cigarette lighter sockets and 2 USB-A sockets for charging (phones, tables, power banks).

Cable of approximately 2 meter length, fitted with male cigarette lighter plug.

For fixed installations, simply cut off plug and connect to 12V source.




12 or 24V

16A max

Internal diameter of cigarette lighter plug: 21mm

Cable with male cigarette lighter plug: 2m approx.

2 USB sockets, USB-A, 5V DC, 2,5A each

Spare parts and accessories

Latest update: 15/04/2020