Batteries, 12 V, for cars and trucks

last updated : 2021/03/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CAR BATTERY, 12V, 50Ah, Optima RTC redtop (985 821) CH 132.82 18.2kg 0,012m³ Add
Dangerous : NRA No Restrict,Spec.Provision A67
CAR BATTERY, 12V, 145 Ah, empty, dry charged, for trucks on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

Lead or acid batteries for vehicles. Standard Movement cars use only one battery with a 12V electrical system. All trucks use 2 batteries connected in series, as to make a 24V system.

Differences between car and radio batteries, and solar powered systems:

- Car batteries have a high instant-discharge capacity  (for 30 seconds), which allows them to deliver a high intensity current to run the engine’s starter motor (called CCA for Cold Cranking Amp); a car battery can be damaged if discharged to less than 50% of its capacity.

- Stationary batteries (radio or solar) have a deep discharge capacity, which can operate up to an 80% discharge without damaging the battery; however, it has a small instant discharge capacity, thus cannot run a starter motor.

The voltage of a fully-charged unconnected battery is 12.8V to 13.2V. When it is discharged to 50% of its capacity, it is 11.5V, and at 80% discharge it is 10.5V. Below 10V it is dead, and can be discarded.

The most common and cheapest type of battery is the model with flat lead sections in a bath of liquid sulphuric acid. More advanced types may have a gelified electrolyte and spiral lead plates.

- Dry battery: Refers to a battery that does not yet contain the electrolyte. It is added when the battery is put in service. In this form, the battery remains in good condition during long-term storage, and can be transported without special dangerous goods packaging (the sulphuric acid electrolyte is the dangerous part). In this case, the electrolyte must be sourced locally; refer to the section below. Some dry batteries are already charged and some need to be charged before use; where there is any doubt, charge the battery.

- Sealed battery: Refers to a batter containing the electrolyte: ready to use, with or without a short charging. The term ‘sealed’ is often incorrectly used in advertising to refer to a normal battery containing liquid electrolyte and an evaporation recycling system. Sealed batteries with liquid electrolyte are not recommended.

- Non-spillable battery: This is the actual ‘sealed battery’, in addition to being the real ‘maintenance-free battery’. The non-spillable feature permits transport without special packaging under IATA regulations. It also requires no maintenance. The Optima Red Top model is recommended for cars.

Electrolyte: This is a dilution of sulphuric acid in distilled water at a concentration of around 25%. The specific weight must be 1.23 at 25°C ambient, 1.25 at 20°C and 1.21 at 30°C. Prior to purchasing, measure the specific weight with a hydrometer. Good hydrometers are graduated allowing the specific weight to be read; cheaper versions have a red-white-green scale, the reading must be in the green zone. Ensure the containers are sealed and the tamper-proof device has not been damaged.

- Exceptionally, electrolyte can be prepared from 90% sulphuric acid added to distilled water. This is a dangerous process and must be made in plastic containers with plastic instruments only. Slowly add small quantities of acid into a large volume of water . Doing the opposite would create a high-temperature chemical reaction, resulting in an acid spill.

- In some remote areas, rainwater can be collected and used directly as distilled water. It must be collected in a plastic container; never use runoff from iron sheet roofs and gutters. It can be kept for months, in the dark, in opaque plastic containers.

- Once a battery has been filled with electrolyte (battery acid) never add acid again, add distilled water only.


CAR BATTERY, 12V, 50Ah, sealed, Optima Red Top for Land Cruise

Sealed lead-acid battery with a gelified electrolyte, 12V, 50Ah, CCA 450A, dimensions 254 x 172 x 198mm (overall height), positive positioned on the left or right-hand side as per request. Classified as non-regulated by IATA Special Provision A-48 and A-67 for UN2800.


CAR BATTERY, 12V, 70Ah, empty, dry charged, for Land Cruiser

Lead-acid battery, dry charged, 12V, 70Ah, CCA 450A, dimensions 305 x 173 x 202mm (225mm overall height), 5.2 litre electrolyte, positive on the left or right-hand side as per request. If supplied with electrolyte, should be shipped according to IATA regulations for UN2800.


CAR BATTERY, 12V, 145Ah, empty, dry charged, for trucks

Lead-acid battery, dry charged, 12V, 145Ah, CCA 800A, dimensions as per request, positive on the left or right-hand side as per request. If supplied with electrolyte, should be shipped according to IATA regulations for UN2800.