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FILM ANTI BLAST, 91.4cmx30.5m,autocol.transparent.ULTRA S600 CH 1,068.00 7.5kg 30,6L Add

General information

Safety and security film to apply on the interior side of glass windows. Optically clear, multi-layered polyester, tear-resistant.

Protects against the danger of injury posed by flying glass shards caused by impact, including bomb blast mitigation, wind-storm protection and intrusion attempts.

Provides shatter resistance by holding broken glass together, reduces the ultra-violet light that enters through the windows.

UV-stabilized pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on the side to apply to window, acrylic coating to provide scratch resistance and durability on the other side.

Store at room temperature in horizontal position in original packaging and away from direct sunlight.

Read installation instructions carefully.



3M Ultra S600


Polyester, 42 layers


160 µm

Visible light transmission

86% on 6mm clear glass

UV block


Tensile strength

According to EN 527-2/1B/50

225 MPa (machine direction)

193 MPa (transverse direction)


According to EN 527-2/1B/50

120% (machine direction)

95% (transverse direction)

Tear resistance

According to EN 34-1/B1

855 Nmm (machine direction)

877 Nmm (transverse direction)

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistant coated surface

< 5% increase of transmitted light haze according to D1003 and ASTM D1044 using 100 cycles, 500g weight, and CS10F calibrase abrasive wheel

Adhesive system

UV-stabilized high-mass pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive

Applied uniformly over the surface opposite the abrasion resistant coated surface

Viewing the film from a distance of ten feet at angles up to 45 degrees from either side of the glass, the film itself shall not appear distorted

It shall not be necessary to seal the edges of the applied film to prevent moisture or free water from penetrating under the film system


Meets the requirements of a Class A Interior Finish for Building Materials for both Flame Spread Index and Smoke Development Values per ASTM E-84

UV resistance

Must pass accelerated weathering test requirements for both tensile strength and peel strength

Impact resistance

Film applied on window glass must pass a 400 ft-lb impact according to 16 CFR CPSC Part 1201 (Category 2) and ANSI Z97.1 (Class A, Unlimited)

Windborne debris protection

Film shall pass impact of Medium Large Missile “C” and withstand subsequent pressure cycling according to ASTM E 1996 and E 1886 at 50 psf Design pressure (with use of 3M Impact Protection Adhesive attachment system)

Film shall pass impact of Small Missile “A” and withstand subsequent pressure cycling according to ASTM E 1996 and E 1886) at 50 psf Design Pressure (with use of 3M Impact Protection Adhesive attachment system)

Bomb blast mitigation

GSA rating “3A” (Very Low Hazard) with minimum blast load of 11 psi overpressure and 55 psi/msec blast impulse

GSA rating “3B” (Low Hazard) with minimum blast load of 10 psi overpressure and 89 psi/msec blast impulse

ASTM F1642 rating “Low Hazard” with minimum blast load of 4 psi overpressure and 28 psi/msec blast impulse

Shelf life

5 years from manufacturing date


91.4 cm x 30.5 m




30.6 L


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