Inner liner, Family Tent, ridge

last updated : 2019/03/18
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INNER LINER, FR canvas, for the Family Tent, 16m² on request 10kg 0 Add

General information

This inner liners for the standard Family Tent and for the Frame Family Tent are recommended to improve the insulation against the cold. In cold climates, it is advisable to supply the “Kit, winterisation for family tent”. This item is part of the kit. One should precise if this is intended to fit the Frame tent or the standard Family tent.

This inner liners of the standard Family Tent or of the Frame Family Tent are designed to fit together with the specific type of tent, in particular the attachments points of the liner, and the heater flue pipe protection. These inner liners also include an inner partition.


The specification of the inner liners refer to the specification of the Standard Family Tent and of the Frame Family Tent. For general dimension and shape, please refer to these two items.


The inner liner must be made from one fold of breathable, rot-proof and fire retardant canvas in order to hang inside the inner tent, to cover the roof and the four walls down to ground level, plus 20cm on the ground.


All dimensions to fit the inner dimensions of the standard Family Tent and the Frame Family Tent.

Family Tent: centre height: 2.1m, width: 3.8m, wall height: 1.15m (+0.2), base length: 3.95m.

Frame tent: centre height: 2.3m, width: 3.95m, wall height: 1.45m (+0.2m), base length: 3.8m.


The inner liner has 24 pairs of canvas strings to attach to the original loops of the inner tent.

Both ends are made in a curtain shape that opens in the middle with a 600mm-overlap.

Inside the inner liner, in the center, five loops allow attaching the inner partition.

One inner partition is supplied with the inner liner, made with the same fire retardant canvas as the inner liner. This partition is of the same design as the original partition of the tent.

At the ridge, four openings of 150mm closing with Velcro allow accessing to the three hooks and to the pocket of the tent. These are positioned at the level of  the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th ridge attachment points.

The inner liner has 4 windows, of reduced size compared to the long windows of the tent, and closing with zipper. These windows are 300mmx800mm, horizontally oriented, with 2 round corners at the top, the flaps opening downwards (one zipper per window runs on left, top and right sides). These windows allow accessing the original windows of the tent, thus are placed in the centre of each section of the tent sides, in front of the actual inner tent windows.

There are four pockets of 400mmx300mm, one under each window, for storage of goods.

At one end, at 500mm from one corner, the inner liner has a patch made of fire proof material of 450mmx800mm, vertically oriented, lower edge positioned at 300mm above the ground.

Main material

Material weight: 130 g/m² ±10% in finished state except fire-retardant weight.

Tensile strength: ISO 13934-1, warp and weft 300N minimum.

Tear strength: ISO 9073-4, warp and weft 20N minimum.

Colour: yellow, beige, cream or sand.

Fire retardant: pass the CPAI84 chapter 6.

User’s health safety

The materials and additives used in the kit should be non-toxic for human use, free from asbestos and other toxic products. The supplier shall declare that applied fireproof agent is complying with applicable health and safety EU standards. In addition, supplier must guarantee that the treatment is completely fit for its purpose and final product is safe for humans.


If supplied individually, packed in a strong waterproof plastic bag. Indicate product name on the outer package with indelible marking.

If supplied within the winterisation kit, no individual package is required.