Cement, for building

last updated : 2019/03/20
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CEMENT, Portland 35, 50kg, bag on request 50kg 0 Add
CEMENT, Portland 45, 50kg, bag on request 50kg 0 Add

General informations

Portland 35 or 45 are the most common types of cement for general building purpose.

Can be used to make cement blocks, concrete floors, concrete slabs, brick mortar, pillars, …

For bricklaying and plastering, other products such as hydraulic lime, calcic lime, or earth can be used.

Cement cannot be kept for long storage periods. In hot and humid climatic conditions, a bag can become solid in 2 weeks time. In dry and cold conditions it will last a few months. Don’t stock big quantities for a long period of time.

  • For the same reason, don’t buy from stocks of unknown origin; prefer buying direct from a factory or a well known distributor.
  • It is recommended not to stack more than 6 layers as the weight will accelerate the agglomeration process of the bags at the bottom of the pile.

For transport by air, especially in pressurised aeroplanes, it must be re-packed in dust proof bags. Well-sealed plastic woven bags with coating are mandatory.

Do not keep the cement in plastic sealed re-bagging bags, as this will lead to fast deterioration of the cement.


Cement type: Portland

From fresh production.

Packed in paper bag of 50kg

Re-packed in 100% dust proof bags for air transport.