Tent heater kit

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
TENT HEATER KIT, for all types of Family Tent CH 191.10 25kg 0,12 Add

General information

Wood/coal heater with accessories for use in Family Tents or other types of medium size tents.


See individual items specification sheets.

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Code Description Qty
HHEASTOHWCTE STOVE/HEATER, wood/coal, rectangular, horizontal, for tent1
HHEASTOHWCTP (tent stove/heater) FLUE PIPE SET, 4x0.5m, 2 bends 110°, hat1
HHEASTOHWCTS (tent stove/heater) FLUE PIPE STAND, 3 legs, h:1.5m, 2 clamp1
HSHETENTF16P INSULATING PLATE, for all tents, flue pipe canvas protection1
HSHETENTFFH1 FLOOR PROTECTION, heat resistant, for tent heater, 0.5x1m1