Stove, improved, solid fuel, for cooking

last updated : 2019/03/18
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COOKSTOVE, clean, efficient, wood/charcoal, 500W on request 15kg 64L Add

General information

Kitchen stove running on wood or charcoal, for indoor and outdoor cooking.

Considering the distance for transportation, it is recommended to promote the use of fire wood instead of charcoal when transported on short distance and in rural context. On long distance or for urban contexts the use of charcoal presents more advantages than fire wood (ref: FAO). Other environmental, health, or user-focussed reasons can be taken into consideration.

The specifications below consider specific factors as recommended by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, based on ICRC/IFRC’s goals and priorities. stove performance and quality is measured in regard to its fuel efficiency, emissions, and safety. The tests are performed according to the ISO International Workshop Agreement, available at ISO web store under the ref: IWA11:2012.

Some specifications may vary with national standards and local market conditions. For locally sourced items, check them against the specifications below. Any important variation from the EIC standard needs a specialist approval.


Improved wood-charcoal cooking stove

Height: 400mm +/-10%

Diameter: 300mm to 400mm

Weight: 15kg maximum

Material: Mild Steel, painted or coated

Lining material: refractory material

Cooking power: minimum 500W

Tests performed according to ISO/IWA11:2012 Guidelines for evaluating cookstove performance. This includes Water Boiling Test (WBT) and Biomass Stove Safety Protocol (BSSP).

fuel efficiency

≥ Tier 2

indoor emissions

≥ Tier 1


≥ Tier 3


Instruction for use: Pictorial usage and safety instructions for end-user as well as a training curriculum and materials in English for implementing partners are provided with each stove.

Firepower can be easily, reliably, and safely changed.

Firepower can be controlled to be operated at half of their maximum firepower.

Accommodate standard ICRC/IFRC cooking pots (22cm to 28cm diameter), and compatibility with larger pot sizes and pans/griddles for cooking flat breads.

Minimum 2 sturdy handles with no sharp edges that achieve a minimum temperature rating of “3” on the biomass safety protocol.



Primary pack: Individually packed in one strong carton box. The cartons must be secured by long lasting 50mm tape.

Secondary pack: Palletised up to 6 rows with shrink-wrap film, or in bulk.



On primary pack: Item description “STOVE, charcoal-wood”

On request: Buyer logo; Purchase order number; other language item description.

No other designs, including seller’s logo/name should appear on the carton boxes

On secondary pack: Item description “STOVE, charcoal-wood”; Quantity per pallet; Gross weight.

On request: Buyer logo; Purchase Order No; Country of origin; other language item description.

No other designs, including seller’s logo/name should appear on the carton boxes.

All markings to be approved by the buyer.