Stove, firewood, simple

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
STOVE, wood burner, 'REDI B4', half-drum type on request 30kg 0,35m³ Add

General information

Fuel-efficient stove, developed by REDI (Renewable Energy Development Institute) based in Geneva.

  • Burns 5 times less wood than a traditional 3 stones fire, and helps preserve forests.  Depending on the quality of wood, the output is around 6kW.
  • Production of 1kg of charcoal needs up to 10kg of wood. This type of improved stove will produce the same energy from 1kg of wood as1 kg of charcoal in a traditional brazier.

Made with 2 standard 200L drums including cooking pot, door, windshield and stove bottom.  The inner grate (a), made of concrete iron rods, holds the wood and has a top shaped to support the cooking pot (b). Possible to manufacture in most places, remote areas included.

The stove is essentially used for community cooking.  Can also be useful for washing dirty linen in hot water in hospitals, dispensaries, boarding schools, etc..  Use of soap or washing powder prevents rusting of the pot.

Pots used for cooking need regular cleaning to avoid a possible change in the colour of the food due to rust which, however, is not harmful to human health.


Made of concrete iron rods and 2 standard drums of 200L (50 gallon oil drum).

Basic welding and metal work required.

All drawings and technical data available at ICRC head quarters.  Royalty of 1% of the local market value of produced burners should be paid to REDI, through ICRC OP/ASSISTANCE, to support their research and development activities.