last updated : 2019/03/18
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BLANKET, quilt, 100% synth., 1.5x2m, high thermal resistance CH 134.40 1.04kg 0,0125m³ Add

General information

The quilts are made of a thick layer of non-woven synthetic fibres covered on both sides with a synthetic sheet, recommended for very cold climates only.

The insulation capacity depends of the TOG (Thermal resistance Of Garments) and of the air permeability of the material.

  • The TOG can only be tested in a textile laboratory.



BLANKET, QUILT, 100% synth., 1.5x2m, high thermal resistance

Test conditions

Specification under the normal textile test conditioning ISO139, 65% moisture and 20°C for 24h.



Content ISO1833 on dry weight

Inner and outer lining: 100% polypropylene, non woven.

Filling: 100% polyester fibres.


Dark colour linings.


150 x 200cm +/-1%

Weight ISO9073-1

290g/m² +/-1%

Thickness ISO9073-2

30mm minimum

Tensile strength ISO9073-3

250N warp and weft minimum

Thermal resistance ISO11092

TOG 5 (or 0.5m².K/W) minimum

Water vapour resistance ISO11092

13m².Pa/W maximum

Shrinkage maximum ISO6330

2% after 3 machine washing at 30°C.

Tensile strength loss after washing  ISO9073-3 after ISO 6330

5% maximum after 3 machine washings at 30°C.


Whipped seam with ribbon, 15 stitch/10cm minimum on 4 sides

Organoleptic test

No bad smell, not irritating to the skin, no dust. 4<pH<9.

Free from harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Components).

Fit for human use.

Fire resistance ISO12952-1&2.

Resistance to cigarette - No ignition

Fire resistance ISO12952-3&4.

Resistance to flame - No ignition


- Carton box of 12 pieces-size: H:0.5 x W:0.4 x L:0.6 m

- Export quality triple corrugation carton box

- Stacking capacities 6m/48hours mini

- Compressed packing may be studied on request

Marking on the package

Blankets, quilts, synthetic, 150x200cm - 12 pieces

Quantity in one TC20"1CC

250 boxes, equivalent to 3000 pieces