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MATTRESS, 0.9mx1.9mx0.15m, HD foam, remov. cotton cover CH 8.00 9kg 0,256m³ Add

General information

Mattress for distribution

For hospital bed mattress, see item code XMEQBEDSH1M

Foam density is one of the factors determining the quality.  Low grades range from 18 to 22kg/m³; medium grades from 22 to 27 kg/m³, while higher grades are above 27kg/m³.

The minimum foam density for a bed mattress is 22kg/m³.

Unit conversion: pound per cubic foot to kilogram per cubic meter: 1lb/cuft = 16kg/m³

The standard quality of foam is open cell foam. Higher quality mattresses are made from closed cell foam.

The factor determining the firmness of the mattress is the Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). The higher the number, the firmer the mattress. This factor varies from 5 to 100 kg. The ILD value for a specific type of foam is also correlated to the thickness: the thicker the mattress, the higher the ILD value.

Sag factor gives an indication of cushioning quality. A high value indicates a resistance to “bottoming out”.

Air flow measures the capacity of the foam to evacuate moisture.

Impact Resilience is a measure of elasticity, bounce, or springiness of the foam.

Some specifications may vary with national standards and local market conditions. For locally sourced items, check the relevant national standards or specifications. Any important variation from the below standard specifications needs to be approved by your technical department.




General quality of  mattress foam

Neat and clean, well finished appearance, homogenous quality, free of any visible imperfections and/or defects

No damage like cracks or holes

No material agglomeration on the surface, no blemishes

Foam material

High density polyurethane foam, in one piece, no glue assembled pieces


Medium grade: 25-28kg/m³ +/- 5%

High grade: 35kg/m³ +/- 5%


1780 - 1840 mm


690 - 720 mm


Medium grade: 68 - 74 mm

High grade: 15 cm


Will depend on dimensions, density and thickness

Not less than 2469 gr +/-5%

Shortage in weight shall not exceed 1% for the total  quantity received

Indentation Load Deflection

16kg minimum

Sag factor

Greater than 2.0

Air flow

Maximum 0.11 CBM/min


125 to 175%

Impact Resilience

Greater than 30%


Compression set, 90%, 22 hrs.,70° C, less  than 10%

Colour of foam

Homogenous grey





General quality of cover

Shall cause no irritation to the skin

Free from any defects that affect mattress performance, like holes, tears,...

Good finishing, straight edges, neat cut and good quality sewing

Cover material

Non-woven spunbonded 100% polyester, with zipper, removable and washable

Tear strength minimum: 6DaN under ISO 9073-4 or BS9073-4

Cover weight and density

320 gr ± 5%  ( 304 - 336 gr), 100 GSM +/- 5%

Colour of cover

Depending on Purchase Order requirements and availability / acceptance of colours (generally grey or black)


Head side: external sewing on the width using normal sewing (minimum one line)

Length side and width side: internal sewing using stitching minimum 3 lines

Thickness: two layers of cloth (if no zipper is requested, the same sewing will replace the zipper location)


Requirement depending on Purchase Order

Strong, good quality plastic zipper

Closed-end type

Located on the width 


  • Bacteria
  • Fungi/moulds
  • Yeasts


  • Nil in the foam or on the cover
  • Nil in the foam or on the cover
  • Nil in the foam or on the cover

Certificate of analysis

Certificate to be provided showing compliance with the specified technical requirements

Fit for human use

Certificate showing batch is fit for human use

No recycled or skin harmful materials can be found to be included / used. No skin irritations shall occur






Packaging shall be specified in the Purchase Order

Individually packed in strong polyethylene transparent bag without holes or tears, thermally sealed, not compressed

OR individually packed and compressed to minimum 75% rate (recovery after opening of bag: minimum 96% after 24hrs)

OR rolled and compressed individually

OR compressed bales of 4 to 10 units, not rolled

Marking on packaging

Item name/Trade mark, Manufacturer name, Product dimensions, Density, P.O number,  Production date, Quantity per Bag, Country of origin, Net weight, Gross weight

Or as "approved marking" specified in the related Purchase Order

Marking shall be printed clearly, visibly and not be easily erasable


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