Potato, fresh vegetable

last updated : 2020/05/29
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
POTATOE, fresh vegetables, 1kg on request 1kg 0 Add

General information

Fresh potatoes.

Importation of food is always subject to acceptance from the national authorities, based on their national specifications; check these before purchasing.

Impact on the local, national, or regional market availability and prices should be carefully looked at before purchasing large quantities.


The product must comply with the following minimum requirements


Must have a normal appearance

Intact: no parts removed or damaged making the product incomplete

Practically clean, firm, free of external or internal defects detrimental to the general appearance of the produce, the quality, minimal cracks (including growth cracks), cuts, bites, bruises or roughness


Sound: free of any signs of rotting or deterioration such as to make it unfit for consumption

Free of any foreign smell and /or taste

Free of green coloration / grey, blue or black stains

Damage due to frost and freezing injuries



Latest update: 28/05/2020