Dates, dried fruit

last updated : 2020/05/29
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General information

Below you will find the specifications for dried whole dates which are mostly distributed in specific regions, as culinary habits vary from place to place.

Importation of food is always subject to acceptance from the national authorities, based on their national and ISO specifications; check these before purchasing.

Impact on the local, national, or regional market availability and prices should be carefully looked at before purchasing large quantities.


The products shall comply with the Codex General Standard for dates (CODEX STAN143-1985) and applies to commercially prepared whole dates in pitted or un-pitted styles packed ready for direct consumption).



Raw material requirements

Dates are the product prepared from sound fruit of the date tree (Phoenix dactylifera) which fruit is harvested at the appropriate stage of maturity, is sorted and cleaned to remove defective fruit and extraneous material, may be pitted and capped, may be dried or hydrated to adjust moisture content, may be washed and/or pasteurized, is packed in suitable containers to assure preservation and protection of the product

Shape and texture

Whole dates

Soft and smooth


Orange brown color with dark patches


Free from off or objectionable flavors

Sour dirty or rotten dates


Infested dates


Deformed dates


Moisture content

20% max.

Water activity

< 0.6

Mineral/Metal impurities

1 gr / kg max.

Weight of a single un-pitted date

7.45 gr min.


  • Total Count for aerobic bacteria/germ
  • Yeast
  • Moulds
  • Total Coliforms
  • E. coli
  • Staphylococcus
  • Salmonella
  • Total Aflatoxins


  • 10 exp 5 cfu/1g max.
  • 10 cfu/gr max.
  • 10 cfu/gr max.
  • 10 cfu/gr max.
  • Nil
  • Nil
  • Nil
  • 4 ppb max.

Stabilisation test

To be done by the laboratory according to ISO7218

Pesticide residue & heavy metals

Heavy metals according to EU legislation.

Pesticide residue & heavy metals for raw fruit to be provided by supplier


  • Benzoic acid
  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Lead


  • 500 ppm max.
  • 50 ppm max.
  • 1 ppm max.

Net weight

250 gr x 4 pack, or 500 gr x 2, or 1 kg

Production date

Fresh production


To be indicated


To be indicated


Latest update: 28/05/2020