Therapeutic milk, powder, F75

last updated : 2019/02/23
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THERAPEUTIC MILK, powder, F75, tin 400g CH 2.59 0.4kg 0 Add


General Information


F75 Therapeutic Milk is designed for the stabilization of hospitalized patients during the initial phase of treatment of severe acute malnutrition. It is suitable for children from 6 months age.

The F75 diet is consisting of ensuring patient’s rehydration and stabilizing the metabolism. A cautious approach is required because of child’s fragile physiological state and reduced homeostatic capacity, hence F75 is not designed for weight gain

F75 Therapeutic Milk is a milk based white or pale yellowish fine powder free from impurities, coloured particles, caking or lumps. The main components of the therapeutic milk are: milk powder, refined vegetable oil, sugar, maltodextrin, milk derivate, vitamins and minerals premix. The reconstituted diet prepared according to the manufacturer´s preparation instruction shall have an energy density of 75 kcal/100 ml

The specified quantity of powder is mixed with a specified quantity of boiled water which has cooled down (around 70°C) before mixing. The milk has an energy density of approx. 75kcal/100ml.

During the preparation, hands must be washed and equipment and utensils must be cleaned. Work surface must be cleaned.

Therapeutic milk powder is packed in 400g tins, and contains a scoop for the milk reconstitution. After opening, a tin has to be used within 4 weeks.

The product shall retain the below mentioned specifications for 18 months from date of manufacture when stored in dry temperatures below 30°C.

WARNING: This low iron diet is not suitable for long term feeding of well-nourished children. It is only to be used in accordance with recommendations and supervision of skilled health personnel in hospitals or therapeutic feeding centers. It should never be distributed to families or communities.

Importation of food is always subject to acceptance from the national authorities, based on their national specifications; check these before purchasing.

Impact on the local, national, or regional market availability and prices should be carefully looked at before purchasing large quantities.