Ready to use therapeutic Food paste

last updated : 2019/02/23
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READY TO USE THERAPEUTIC FOOD, paste, sachet 92g CH 0.30 0.11kg Add


General information

Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF)) is a high-energy fortified food used by humanitarian agencies, Ministries of Health, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations the treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM.)  RUTF targets primarily infants and young children from 6 to 59 month, suffering from SAM and who have passed the appetite test but also adults suffering from SAM.  RUTF may be used in harsh climatic conditions and may be the sole source of food, except for water and breast milk, during the period of use.

It is a lipid-based matrix with added vitamins and minerals. The most commonly used main ingredients are: peanut paste, vegetable oil, sugar, skimmed milk powder, vitamin and mineral premix.

  • Usual presentation: 92g sachet, approximately 500 kcal for management of dietary intake
  • Instructions of use: the product can be eaten or fed directly from the sachet with no prior cooking, dilution or preparation
  • Color Coding on Sachet : RED
  • Appearance: light brown coloration, smooth, homogeneous texture (no grittiness, no lumps). It is easy to squeeze out of the sachet and presents minimal oil separation
  • Shelf life: minimum 24 months without refrigeration

For 100g of product

Moisture content

2.5% maximum

Water activity

0.2 to 0.5


520-550 kcal


10-12% total energy equivalent to  12.8-16.2% by weight

Dairy products shall contribute to at least half of the protein content.


45-60% total energy equivalent to 25.8-36.3% by weight

n-6 fatty acids

3-10% total energy

n-3 fatty acids

0.3-2.5% total energy

Trans-fatty acids

<3% total fat





Vitamin A

0.8-1.2mg mg RE


290 mg maximum

Vitamin B1(Thiamine)

0.5 mg minimum


1100-1400 mg

Vitamin B2(Riboflavin)

1.6 mg minimum


300-600 mg

Vitamin B3(Niacin)

5 mg minimum


Phosphorous (expressed in non-phytate phosphorus)


Vitamin B5(Pantothenic acid)

3 mg minimum


80-140 mg

Vitamin B6(Pyridoxine)

0.6 mg minimum


10-14 mg

Vitamin B7(Biotin)

60 mcg minimum


11-14 mg

Vitamin B9(Folic acid)

200 mcg minimum


1.4-1.8 mg

Vitamin B12(Cyanocobalamin)

1.6 mcg minimum


20-40 mcg

Vitamin C(Ascorbic acid)

50 mg minimum


70-140 mcg

Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

15-20 mcg


Vitamin E(Tocopherol)

20 mg minimum

Vitamin K (Phytonadione)

15-30 mcg



  • MSF specification for Ready to use therapeutic foods, revision 1, 17/01/2014
  • “Microbiological safety of Ready-to-use Lipid Based therapeutic and supplementary Foods- Technical meeting” summary report released on March 6th 2013, FAO and WHO