Clamp, vascular, DeBakey

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CLAMP, VASC., BULLDOG, DeBAKEY, 12 cm/ang.45deg,+ring handle CH 119,54 0,016kg 0,252L Add
CLAMP, VASCULAR, DeBAKEY, 22 cm, straight CH 143,91 0,06kg 0,088L Add
CLAMP, VASCULAR, AORTA, DeBAKEY, 18 cm, pronouncedly shaped CH 151,18 0,042kg 0,456L Add
CLAMP, VASCULAR, DeBAKEY, 20cm, for tangential occlusion CH 167,45 0,066kg 0,567L Add
CLAMP, VASCULAR, DeBAKEY, 25.5 cm, for tangential occlusion CH 186,76 0,084kg 0,936L Add

General information

Delicate, non-crushing clamps used to hold and control blood vessels during vascular surgery.



Martensitic steel.


Vascular clamps with atraumatic Debakey serration. 


55.30.14: Ring Handle, Bulldog clamp.


- 45° angle or flat.


- Full length: 12cm.


55.40.05: Coarctation and Peripheral Clamp, straight.


- Jaws length: 55mm.


- Full length: 22cm.


55.52.48: Peripheral and Aorta Clamp.


- Pronounced S-shape.


- Jaws length: 85mm.


- Full length: 18.5cm.


55.70.35: Tangential Occlusion Clamp.


Jaws: opening 35mm, depth 11mm.


Full length: 20cm.


55.70.55: Tangential Occlusion Clamp.


- Jaws: opening 55mm, depth15mm.


- Full length: 25.5cm.


Unit presentation: set, in protective packaging.


The following should appear on the packaging:


- Designation of the instrument.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer).