SET, INSTRUMENTS FOR PHC, for qualified personnel only

last updated : 2019/03/20
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SET, INSTRUMENTS FOR PHC, qualified personnal only CH 99.10 0kg 0 Add
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General information

A set of instruments and sutures to perform small operations (such as incisions, small debridements) and the suturing of wounds in a Primary Health Care Centre.

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Code Description Qty
XLINDSUR0709 DRAPE, SURGICAL, 75x90 cm, without slit, green1
XMEQWAFUKIDD KIDNEY DISH, medium, 250x140x40mm, stainless steel1
XSINMEDI012703 SCALPEL, HANDLE, No 3 (for blades 10/11/15)1
XSINMEDI035115 SCISSORS, MAYO, 15.5 cm, curved1
XSINMEDI060434 FORCEPS, DRESSING, BLANK, 14.5 cm, atraumatic serration1
XSINMEDI061814 FORCEPS, TISSUE, LANE, 14cm, 1x2 teeth1
XSINMEDI090416 PROBE, 16 cm/diam. 1.5 mm, round double-ended1
XSINMEDI101815 NEEDLE HOLDER, MAYO-HEGAR, 15 cm, standard1
XSINMEDI160614 FORCEPS, PEAN, 14 cm, serrated jaws, half way1
XSINMEDI195024 FORCEPS, SPONGE, FOERSTER, 24cm, serrated jaws, straight1
XSINMEDI473008 BOWL, ROUND, 100 ml, 80 x 35 mm, stainless steel1