SET, DRESSING, instruments

last updated : 2019/03/20
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SET, DRESSING, instruments CH 43.50 0.45kg 1,836L Add


General information

Complete basic instrument set, used to change wound dressings or to remove sutures.

2 in:


IEHK, COMPLETE, 10.000 pers./3m, no narco/psycho/malaria/PEP

2 in:


IEHK, BASIC, 1.000 pers./3m, no malaria

10 in:


MODULE, MED. EQUIP., emergency care & triage, 50 w.wounded

50 in:


MODULE, OT EQUIPMENT, SURG.+ STER., 100w.wound/50 beds hosp.

5 in:


MODULE, ADMISSION./TRIAGE, for 100w.wound/50 beds hosp.


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Code Description Qty
XMEQWAFUKIDD KIDNEY DISH, medium, 250x140x40mm, stainless steel1
XSINMEDI030614 SCISSORS, 14.5 cm, sharp-blunt, straight1
XSINMEDI060434 FORCEPS, DRESSING, BLANK, 14.5 cm, atraumatic serration1
XSINMEDI160614 FORCEPS, PEAN, 14 cm, serrated jaws, half way1