X-ray unit, basic, fixed, 100 to 250 mA, WHIS-RAD compliant

last updated : 2018/12/31
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X-RAY UNIT, BASIC, FIXED, 100 to 250 mA, WHIS-RAD compliant CH 40,995.99 887kg 3,334m³ Add
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General information

A multi-radiography system is an economical FIXED universal X-ray unit, fully approved by the World Health Organization (WHO); it complies with World Health Imaging System Radiography (WHIS-RAD) standards: WHO/RAD/TS/95.1.

Functional design, modern technology, high image quality and simple maintenance.

Can be used for all radiographic procedures: standing, sitting or lying.



WHIS-RAD system was developed by the WHO in collaboration with radiographer experts.


It was designed to provide high-quality images and to be safe to use, reliable, easy and simple to learn. Additionally, it is designed to operate where power is unreliable or unavailable for extended periods of time.


Example: X-ray unit WYZARD, manufacturer IMS.


Main technical data:




Multi-pulse X-ray generator with energy storage in a large capacitor located on the primary side of high-tension transformer.


Nominal power rating: 30kW


Nominal energy rating: 18kW (90kV x 200mAs)


Tube current range: 100-250mA


Available tube tensions: 46, 53, 60, 70, 80,90 and 120Kv (plus 120Kv for test purposes).


Shortest exposure time: 0.005s




Rotating anode with rhenium-tungsten alloy.


Focal spot: 0.9mm


Anode angle: 12.5°


Power rating at 0.1s: 30kW




Focus film distance (FFD) 140cm


Arm rotation: ±120° from vertical direction.


Electromagnetic brakes for vertical and rotational movements.


Light beam collimator, continuously variable from 18x18cm to 43x43cm


Cassette size: 18x24 to 43x43cm, longitudinally and transversally.


Grid, using AI as interspacing material: ratio 10:1, 40 lines/cm (103 lines/inch) focused at 140cm.


Film to skin distance in cassette holder: 2.6cm




Flat tabletop LWH: 200x70x70cm with 4 wheels (diameter 15cm) Individually locking.


Support weight of approximately 110kg.


Supplied with 1 radio translucent mattress: 200x60x3cm and a set of 11 radio-transparent position blocks.




220-230V 16A (slow fuse), 50, single phase 60Hz (alternative 400V, possible).


Independence for full power output: 0.3ohm (larger impedance possible with small reduction at nominal power output).


Installation: by manufacturer-agreed distributor and a trained technician.


Warranty: 12 months from the date of installation or 15 months from the invoice date, whichever comes first.


Maintenance contract: locally via the local distributor.


To order spare parts always indicate the serial and reference numbers indicated in the user and maintenance manual.


Expected delivery time from the supplier: 4-6 weeks.


Unit presentation: complete unit with operating instructions.


2 boxes:


Approximate weight: 887kg


Approximate volume: 3.334m³


Size box: 1) 235x110x110cm,  2) 70x55x140cm


The following information should appear on the outside packaging:


- Designation of item, multilingual.


- Serial number.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer).