Wall viewer, X-ray film

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
WALL VIEWER, X-RAY film, 140 x 43 cm, 8 x 15W/220V CH 506.67 19kg 0,17523m³ Add
WALL VIEWER, 50 x 78cm, complete CH 299.37 14kg 0,11m³ Add
LIGHT TUBE, GTE F 25W/33", daylight, for WALV5078 CH 10.30 0kg 0 Add

General information

X-ray wall-mounted viewer or illuminator; used to visualize developed X-ray films in an X-ray department or operating theatre.



Designed to read X-rays; it is classified as a radiology accessory. 


3 essential characteristics must be checked to ensure the quality of a Negatoscope X-ray wall-mounted film viewer:


1) Coloured temperature tubes: minimum 3600 to 4000 Kelvin , "daylight" fluorescent tubes.


2) Homogeneity of the illuminated surface: ensure that all zones are adequately illuminated.


The maximum tolerated deviation between the centre and the corners is a variant of 30% (i.e., 8cm from the edges of the illuminated surface).


3) Light power: The minimum luminance for a Negatoscope with an on/off switch must be set greater than 1700cd/m².


Manual processing: a drip tray is recommended on the light box.


Size varies slightly dependent on manufacturer.





Components and materials:

Cabinet body: extruded PVC and injection-moulded ABS; rear panel in epoxy-coated steel (10/10).


Film grip: chrome-plated metal roller.


Diffusing panel (screen): a semi-translucent white-opal cast-acrylic sheet (Plexiglas); 3mm thickness; reflectors in shaped aluminium.


Sliding clip: nylon wire.


Viewing area: approximately 76x45cm (minimum 72x43cm)


Number of fluorescent tubes: 4

Technical data:


Wall mounting:

Keyhole openings for toggle bolts in rear panel.


Light source: straight, daylight fluorescent tubes 15W, colour temperature: 6500 Kelvin.

Light intensity:

Uniform central point 3000cd/m² (complies with EN 6586), minimum: 1300cd/m³

Panel size:

Minimum 36x43cm, each panel has 4 lamps.


Light control: on-off switch with illuminated indicator or a shielded dimmer for variable intensities.

Sliding clip:

Transversal, cursor-adjustable for film support.

Film grip:

Holds the top of the film, has a band of colour.

Base grip:

Holds the base of the films.

Power cable:

Standard, 2 poles and ground, at least 2m long.


Power supply 230V/50Hz.


External dimensions LHD: approximately 78x50x11cm (minimum 75.5 x 51x11cm)


Weight: approximately 12kg





Film viewer unit with crystal view, 140x43cm viewing area with 8x15-Watt daylight fluorescent tubes, an on/off switch, an acryl-glass front panel, a stainless steel film support bar (grip) and white powder-coated metal housing.


Unit presentation: boxed with assembly instruction, user and maintenance manuals, multilingual.


Information on the outside packaging:


- Designation of item, multilingual.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer).


- CE mark.


Electrical component conforms to EN 60598-1 and 60601-1 and 2.