Safelight, X-ray

last updated : 2018/12/31
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LAMP, DARKROOM, safelight for blue/green films, wall mounted CH 83.17 0kg 0 Add

General information

A special light to illuminate a darkroom; it does not affect the X-ray film.


Darkroom light

A special light source, designed to emit specific wavelengths of light, whihc provides sufficient illumination for darkroom workers but does not affect X-ray films or other kinds of radiographic films being loaded, stored or developed. The light or light bulb usually emits a red light and is sometimes known as a safelight or darkroom light.



Lamp size: height 201mm, width 315mm, depth 167mm.


- Power: 220-230V, 8W-9W,  0.05A


- Lamp frame: white- or black-coloured plastic or metal materials.


- Plexiglas coloured panels with a light filter on the front.


- Bulb: 8-9W, white, standard screw-in system or tube.


- Electric cable 2m.


- Fixture components.


The lamp emits a dark red colour that can be used to develop green or blue films.

The lamp’s recommended minimum distance from the film treatment area is about 1.2m.



Red-coloured bulb:

Red-coloured bulbs or tubes are not recommended in a dark room; irregular voltage and heating action on the bulb or tube can cause micro-cracks in the outer-colour coating which can emit white light that is not visible to human eyes, but nevertheless will jeopardise X-ray film development.