Gloves, lead, for X-ray protection

last updated : 2018/12/31
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LEADGLOVES, 0.5 mm Pb CH 149,80 0kg 0 Add

General information

Gloves used to protect the hands against ionizing radiation during Z-ray exposure.

Part of the protective clothing that must be worn by radiology personal when taking X-rays.



Lead and natural rubber or vy


The material is comprised of several ultra-flexible lead-rubber or lead-vinyl layers.


Standard size: medium (11-12)


- Lead equivalent in mm:  0.35mm


- Length: ±40-50cm:  long shaft recommended - it protects most of the lower arm.


- Cuff: rolled edge to avoid tearing.


- Supplied with inner cotton glove lines, 100% cotton.


- Flexible and resistant.


- Design must be easy to clean, disinfect and sterilize or extra hygiene, including accompanying liners made of 100% cotton.

Quality requirement:

Standard EN 61331: Protective devices against diagnostic medical X-radiation.

Unit presentation:

1 pair of lead gloves and 1 pair of inner cotton gloves, with multilingual user and maintenance manual, CE mark


In a small strong carton to protect from punctures during transport, gloves rolled or flat.


Product name, size, CE mark, manufacturer address


Temperature below 45°C, protect from direct light, do not fold, can be rolled.