Developer, X-ray films, automatic processor

last updated : 2018/12/31
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DEVELOPER, X-RAY FILMS, Automatic, darkroom, ref: Curix 60 CH 226,24 68kg 0,42294m³ Add

General information

Used for automatic film processing.

Used only where there is a need to develop a high volume of films on a daily basis.

Requires reliable electricity, 24hrs/7days.

Manual back-up developer may be required.


An X-ray film automatic processor is a device designed to move medical X-ray films from one solution to the next, in the film developing process, without the need for human intervention except to insert a film or cassette.


Automatic film processors, sometimes called film processing systems, typically have six main subsystems: film transport, temperature, circulation, replenishment, drying and electrical control. There are several automatic film processors; they can be differentiated by the time required to develop a film (the dry-drop time).


The model Curix 60 (a model used by the Red Cross) is a darkroom table-top processor for small radiology departments.


Technical data:

- Size LWH: 80x65x38cm; 94cm length when the feeder tray is added.


- Weight: 54kg empty, 64kg full


- Connection: 200-230V, 50 or 60Hz


- Power: max. 1500W


- Capacity: 60 films/h


- Film formats: 10x10cm to 35x43cm


- Film transport speed:  28cm/minute


- 3 colour-coded tanks: one each for the developer, fixer and water.


- Bath temperature 34°C for developer and fixer


- Warming up time: 7min


- Cycle time: 3 minutes


- Drying system: infrared

Chemical product recommended by manufacturer: Agfa Gaevert

Developer reference: G153

Fixer Reference: G 353 or 354


Unit of presentation:

1 unit, delivered with 6x2.5 litres of developer and fixer, 3 spare tank covers, 3 tank valves, and a multilingual user and maintenance manual.


Solid carton, labelling: product name, serial number, manufacturer’s address, CE marked.


Complies with VDE UL and CSA safety regulations.


Purchase only from an Agfa-authorized agent.