Suction, surgical, electrical, with 2 bottles 5L, complete

last updated : 2019/03/04
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SUCTION, surgical, Medela B30, electric, w/2 btls 5l, compl. CH 3,091.20 32.3kg 0,0861125m³ Add
(suction, elec., b30) BOTTLE, 5L, psu, autoclavable CH 134.14 0.94kg 0,010404m³ Add
(suction, elec., b30/vario) FILTER, anti-bacterial, s.u CH 4.20 0kg 0 Add



Basic electric vacuum suction device with reusable safety overflow system for pump protection.

- SUCTION MACHINE / PUMP (e.g. model Basic 30, Medela)

Suction capacity: 30 +/-4L/mm

Maximum vacuum:  -85 kPa / -638 mmHg with adjustable vacuum control in kPa/mmHg with a turning knob for vacuum adjustment.

Nominal voltage: 230-240V/50 Hz

Power consumption: 110w

Operation conditions:

Operation time 24 hours:  8 hours of continuous operation without interruption

Working temperature range: +5 C° to + 40°C  


Device which will protect the pump from liquid overflow.

Reusable device witch can be dismantled for cleaning and autoclaving at 134°C


5 liters Bottle jars, graduated:  steam autoclavable 134°C (XSEQSUCCM30B) 

Lid, plastic   (XSEQSUCCM30BL)

Bottle Change over valve system (XSEQSUCCM30RB)

Tubing/reusable silicone:  size: Ø6mmx 2m, silicone, autoclavable at 134°C (XSEQSUCCM30T)

Tubing/single use: size CH25, 1.8m      (MCTDTSUCC25

Clips for lid

Overflow device


With 2 standard fixation rail 10x25mm

ON/OFF integrated switch on trolley base (complementary to the one on machine itself)

4 castors wheels, 2 with locking device

Unit presentation:

Each ICRC standard suction XSEQSUCCM30   


1, surgical suction unit "Basic 30"complete


1, trolley  


3, 5 L jar/bottle + lid, autoclavable + spare clips and overflow


1 Safety device


2, succion tube, diam. 6mm, 2m, autoclavable


3, suction tube, single use


1 spare fuse 1.25a 250V (XSEQSUCCM30U)


1 User and maintenance manual in English/French


warranty certificate 5 years

Total weight:



The unit is packed dismantled (components listed above, all packed separately) in a  strong carton box of size: 965 x 510 x 480mm


The following information must appear on the original item


Designation of item, serial Number; CE + notify body Nr


Name and address of manufacturer/ supplier

Other requirements:

comply with medical device directive 93/42/EEC, class IIa Conform to EN ISO 60601-1, EN60601-1-2, EN 10079-1, and EN 7779 for noise.

Transport/ storage:

Temperature –30°C up to +50°C /Humidity: 5 up to 90% /non-condensing air pressure 700 up to1060hPa

Accessories – Spares

XSEQSUCCM30B, (suction, elec., b30) BOTTLE, 5l , psu, autoclavable


Bottle / jars: 5 litres

Material PSU (polysulphone)

Steam autoclavable 134°C

Graduation scale 100ml


XSEQSUCCM30BL, (suction, elec., b30) LID w/ conn.10-14mm, + overflow device




- 1conical  connector Ø 10-14mm

- 1 overflow protection device

- 2 blue plastic clip,  for lid fixation


XSEQSUCCM30BLC, (suction, elec., b30/vario) CLIP for lid


clip, plastic, blue, for lid fixation


XSEQSUCCM30BLO, (suction, elec., b30/vario) OVERFLOW protection device


Bottle/jar overflow protection device, white


XSEQSUCCM30RB, (suction, elec., b30) BOTTLE SELECTOR,+tubing set /clamphol.



Change over valve system:

- 1 Bottle selector

- 1 support clamp holder, plastic for Rail

-  2 Silicone tubing external  Ø12mm, internal Ø7mm,  length 30cm

-  2 connectors

XSEQSUCCM30RC, (suction, elec., b30) CLAMP HOLDER, for rail, Ref 0770521  


Support clamp holder, plastic for standard rail


XSEQSUCCM30S, (suction, elec., b30) SAFETY DEVICE, for pump, Ref 0770711



SAFETY DEVICE for pump protection, consisting of    

1 Suction jar 0.25l, polisulphone

1 lid with  plug toward pump

1 Connecting tube, (toward collector system)

size: external  Ø 12mm, internal Ø  7mm,

length 60cm + 2 connectors

all components are reusable and autoclavable at 134°c 

XSEQSUCCM30R, (suction, elec., b30) TROLLEY, w/ 2 fix.rails, Ref 600.0680     


Trolley, for suction apparatus Basic 30

-standard rail 10 x 25mm

- ON/OFF switch

- 4 antistatic swillelling castors (2 with breaks)


XSEQSUCCM30U, (suction, elec., b30) FUSE, T 1.25A



Fuse: T 1.25A 5x20 230 – 240 V

XSEQSUCCM30T, (suction, elec., b30/vario) TUBE SUCT., d.12x7mm/2m, silic.



SUCTION TUBING (between operation field and suction machine)

Size: Ø 12mm, internal Ø  7mm, length 2m

Material silicone,

Autoclavable at 134°C


XSEQSUCCM30F, (suction, elec., b30/vario) FILTER, anti-bacterial, s.u    



Single use bacterial Filter


MCTDTSUCC25, TUBE, SUCTION MACHINE, CH 25, 1.8m, sterile, s.u



Single use suction tube (between operation field and suction machine)

Size: External  Ø 12mm, internal Ø  7mm, length 1.80m with manual vacuum control connector

And other spare parts according to replacement need, please always indicate the serial number of suction machine.