Lamp, halogen, examination/operation, ECHO, 1 spot, mobile, 220V/12V, new model

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
LAMP, OPERATOIRE, ECHO, 1 spot, mobile, 220V/12V CH 1 674,33 23,5kg 0,424159m³ Add
LAMP, EXAM./OPER., Fullers LED, stand, 230V/12V CH 1 679,06 64kg 0,43875m³ Add
Dangerous : NRA No Restrict,Spec.Provision A67
(lamp, ex./op., echo) BULB, 12V/45W halogen., reflector type CH 8,64 0,036kg 0,15L Add
(lamp operating, Echo) BULB, H3/55W, 12V halogen car type CH 4,73 0,0102kg 0,0455L Add

General information

Lamp designed for basic hospital structures: emergency surgical procedures and for maternity units.


New model (as of November 2005)

Medical device used for examinations or superficial surgeries.


- Stand: chromium-plated steel.


- Base: powder-coated epoxy, 4 legs.


- Stand: mobile


- Flexible arm, adjustable in height (120-228cm).


- Light intensity: 32,000 lux at 0.5m; 8,000 lux at 1m.


- Adjustable brightness control knob, mounted on transformer.


- Power supply: 220-240V, or 12V car battery (clip supplied to fit car battery).


- Bulb (12V-45W) halogen, Xenon. Never touch a halogen bulb bare handed.


- Transformer (12V) on base of lamp-head assembly.


- Lamp-head assembly can be removed and clamped to a patient’s trolley or other support.


- Wheel: 4 antistatic 100mm castors.


Lamp supplied assembled, with 1 spare bulb.


Lamp-head assembly CE marked.


User and maintenance manual, in English.


Delivered with the following accessories: 1 of each

- EELEPLUGME2R    PLUG, male, Shuko CEE 7/7, rubber, 2P+E, 230V - 13/16A

- EELESOLBA080     BATTERY, sealed, 12V, 80Ah, solar and radio

- EELESOLBCH10     BATTERY CHARGER, 230V, 10 A, fully automatic solar batteries