Bowl-stand, 2 bowls 5L, H 86 cm, 5 castors

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BOWL, SPLASH, 5 l (275x125 mm), stainless.steel, autocl. CH 17,86 0,6kg 0,0135m³ Add
BOWL-STAND, 2 bowls 5l, H 86 cm, 5 antista.castors, st.steel CH 131,87 1,2kg 0,109395m³ Add

General information

Double-waste-bowl stand used in operating or delivery rooms.



Stand, bowls: stainless steel 18/10.

Technical data:

Stand: height: 860mm.


Base: 5 legs, square tubes: 20x25mm.


Wheels or castors: diameter 50mm, antistatic.


Bowl:  diameter 275x125mm, 5 litres, autoclavable.

Unit presentation:

Individually packaged, supplied with clear multilingual assembly instructions (French/English/Spanish) and tools for assembly.


The following information should appear on the outside packaging:


- Designation of item, multilingual.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer).


Must be resistant to corrosion (suitable for tropical environments) and decontamination (chlorine solution).