Tape measure, MUAC (mid-upper arm circumference)

last updated : 2019/06/07
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MUAC, Adult and Child CH 1.39 0.0023kg 0,00396L Add

General information

The Mid-upper arm circumference or MUAC is a thin plastic band with graduations used to make rapid anthropometric measurements aiming to quickly identify malnutrition in individuals or a population.


MUAC is particularly sensitive to acute weight loss, as it reflects the peripheral wasting of muscle and subcutaneous adipose tissue. Low MUAC measurements are associated with increased mortality risk in children.


MUAC should be measured on the relaxed left arm, midway between the shoulder and the elbow.


On one side, the colored side, the graduation allows to estimate malnutrition in children between 6 and 59 months, and on the other side, white side, for pregnant and lactating women.


For a child between 6 and 59 months


  • Severe malnutrition if MUAC is below 115 mm (Red zone)
  • Moderate malnutrition if MUAC is between 115 and below 125 mm (Yellow zone)
  • Global malnutrition if MUAC is below 125 mm


All children with a MUAC below 115 mm should be immediately admitted in a therapeutic feeding program for malnutrition management.


For pregnant and lactating women


  • Global acute malnutrition if MUAC is below 230 mm