Mattress, hospital bed

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
HOSPITAL BED MATTRESS with Cover, 190x80x13cm CH 112.74 6.5kg 0,152m³ Add
(hospital bed mattress) COVER, 190x90x13cm, waterproof CH 60.85 0kg 0 Add

General information

Standard mattress for a hospital bed in polyurethane foam, with removable PVC cover for easy cleaning and replacing.

Foam density is one of the factors determining the quality and durability. Low grades are from 18 to 22kg/m³; medium grades from 22 to 27 kg/m³; high grades above 27kg/m³. (1lb/sqft = 15kg/m³). A minimum quality for hospital bed mattress should be 27kg/m³.

The factor determining the firmness is the Indentation Load Deflexion. This factor may vary from 5 to 100kg. For bed mattresses an average of 15 to 16kg is recommended.

The cover must be PVC-coated canvas. A plain PVC sheet is not strong enough. A light colour material is necessary to encourage cleaning. This cover must resist washing with chlorine.

Higher quality mattresses are made with latex foam and/or springs.

Special types of medical mattresses are not described here.


Type of foam

Polyurethane closed cell foam, 35kg/m³, thickness: 10cm


Indentation Load Deflection 16kg min.





-  made of a light-colour PVC-coated polyester canvas of 250g/m² minimum;


-  tear strength 10daN min. under ISO 9073-4.


-  equipped with a strong plastic zip of the length of the mattress.


-  material to resist washing and disinfection with chlorine 0.5%


- Sown with impervious seams


Note for XMEQBEDSH1M: When a Mattress cover is purchased alone, it is imperative that the requester indicates the exact mattress size  (Length x width x height) for proper mattress fitting so to avoid the wrinkling of the cover which could create bedsores for the patient



Individually wrapped in plastic foil, not compressed.


In compressed bales for air transport in large quantities, the compression must be flat only - not rolled, not folded.


Local Purchase: yes