Heart detector, fœtal, DOPPLER

last updated : 2018/12/31
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DOPPLER, FETAL HEART DETECT., pocket, w/2Mhz probe, 9V bat. CH 368,30 0kg 0 Add
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Dangerous : DRG-UN A123

General information

Foetal heart detector, used throughout pregnancy and labour.

For maternity or health centres for antenatal care activities, employed by trained staff



Pocket obstetric doppler models; e.g:

- HuntLeigh FETAL DOPPLEX I (FD1);

- Sonicaid One


Amplifies foetal heart sounds through a built-in loudspeaker and uses ultrasound to detect the foetal heart rate from as early as 9 to 10 weeks gestation right through to delivery.


LCD screen shows foetal heart rate in beats per minute along with a heart symbol that flashes with each detected foetal heart beat.


Permanent 2Mhz waterproof probe with recessed storage.


Extended-life battery with low-battery indicator.


Two auto-shut-off features for optimal battery life.


3-year warranty.


Dimension LWD: 140x74x27mm


Battery: 9V alkaline


Weigh: 300g (including the battery).

Unit presentation:

Comes complete with soft carry pouch, stereo headphones, gel, neck-cord, batteries, and multilingual user and maintenance manual (English, French and Spanish, others when available).


Unit presentation in solid carton:


The following information must appear on the packaging:


- Designation of item, CE mark and reference number of notifying body., supplier reference number.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer).


Safety compliance: EN60601 and EN60601-2