Breathing circuit, paediatric, Jakson Rees, with modified T-Ayres piece

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BREATHING CIRCUIT PEDIATRIC, Jackson Rees, 1 liter CH 10.03 0.098kg 0 Add
(breathing circuit Jackson Rees I) CONNECTOR MALE, 22mm CH 0.93 0.3kg 4,264L Add
Item to be justified
(breathing circuit Jackson Rees I) BAG REBREATHING 0.5 liter CH 95.24 0.1kg 1,1562L Add
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(breathing circuit Jackson Rees I) AYRES T-PIECE CH 29.56 0kg 0 Add
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BREATHING CIRCUIT ADULT, Jackson Rees, 2 liter CH 9.87 0.118kg 0 Add

General information

Valve-less breathing system used in paediatric anaesthetic for children up to 30kg in weight. It is suitable for both controlled and spontaneous ventilation.

Requires an anaesthetic machine with a continuous gas flow (gas-driven)

Reusable: all components to be sterilized at 134°C for 18 minutes.



Connectors: right-angled F/M, straight F/M, straight M/M


Ayres T-piece


Reservoir bag with open-ended tail.


Fresh gas supply tube.


Reservoir tube or hose.


Reservoir tube, bag, fresh-gas supply tube: silicone.


Ayres T-piece: stainless steel.


Connectors: PSU (polysulphone) or PP (polypropylene).


Fresh gas supply tube: length 1.80m, external Ø 11mm, internal Ø 7mm with 15mm connector on fresh gas inlet.


Connector adaptor:


- Connector adaptor, straight, Female (F) to Male (M): fresh gas inlet side F internal Ø 15mm with tapered end, M internal Ø 9mm.


- Connector adaptor, straight, Male to Male: between reservoir bag  and tube: external Ø 22mm, internal Ø 15mm.


- Connector adaptor, right-angled, Male to Female: M (external Ø15mm) towards Ayres-T piece and F (internal Ø 15mm with external Ø 22mm) towards mask and endotracheal tube. Can be removed, when needed, to reduce dead space.


Reservoir bag: 500ml with open-ended tail.


Modified T-Ayres piece with 3 ports:


- Fresh gas from the aesthetic machine: Male port tapered external Ø 6mm, internal Ø 5mm.


- Leads to connector angled in direction of patient mask and endotracheal tube: Male port (internal Ø 15mm).


- Leads to reservoir tubing and bag: Female part tapered external Ø 15mm.


Reservoir tube: length 23cm with M end (internal Ø 15mm) towards Ayres T-piece, F end (internal Ø 22mm) and straight connector and reservoir bag.


All components can be sterilized at 134°C (18 minutes).


Unit presentation: complete system in a protective transparent plastic bag.


Individually packaged in a transparent plastic bag.


Product description, lot number, manufacturing date, product reference number, manufacturer’s name or logo, and CE mark and reference number of notifying body. Must be multilingual: English, French and Spanish, others when available.


Each carton to be clearly marked, same as unit presentation with total contents.


Should conform to:


- ISO 5362/ 5356 (BS 3849)/EN 1281-1-97: for anaesthesia connection /adaptor


- EN 12342: 98: for anaesthesia tubing.


- EN 1820-97: for anaesthesia reservoir bag.